Sunday, June 7, 2009


According the photos , What can we conclude?




Ok, leave your comment and explain to me what is the photo going to hint us?

Has someone told u a tale when you were small?
If you break a single arrow, will be very easy for you.
If you break a hank of arrows, will be pretty hard for you.

Hard working cadets

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Navigation ONE

This is my first inflight recorded aviation video.
took off at runway 03 of langkawi international airport for navigation 1.
The route was wmkl-kuah-kuala perlis-kuala kedah-sala-pendang-jeniang-guar cempedak-sala-kuala kedah-kuah-wmkl.
Specially thank to my friend(amiruh for held the camera for me)

take off....

Just departed from runway and heading to kuah(075) estimated time 4 minutes..

landing(short approach) runway 03...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Singapore Changi Airport

After dcat examination,i went to singapore for a visit. Surprisingly JB is totally different with those the pictures in my mind.The custom building is new , well organised, Luxury and marvellous!!!

Well , the first image i stepped on the singapore's land was CLEANand everything was just looked fine.Ok ,let's visit singapore changi airport terminal 3.

I know there is a question mark in your head,why terminal 3 ?why not terminal 1 or 2?
you know why?
Because of discovery channel,after i watched the discovery of singaporechangi international airport terminal 3 ,i was attracted by it.The incredible construction!!!
It has 28 aerobridge gates, with eight capable of handling the Airbus A380. It has a structure mainly made of glass, with big transparent spaces inside the terminal.

The roof has been designed to allow natural light to enter the building, with 919 skylights.

The longest escalator i have never seen in my life...

Now is the turn of Giant Aircraft!!!
A380.Can you realise, the control surfaces is really big compare to b747.
Singapore articulated bus.

OMG,Endless mrt...

Before i left Jb,i saw this>>>
Andy lau's restaurant...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am Flying in the sky

It was extremely hot and high humidity evening , i decided to fly 2 hours solo sorties.Why? Because i want to go back home for holiday as soon as possible. What to do?

Just calmed down my mind and replaced my friend sorties.Let's go!!! Took the log book , life jacket and headset ,have a safe flight i told to myself.

After did my internal and external checks,lets took off....babababa```````.Power available-ts and ps are green-airspeed alive....took off...The engine likes an old folk , climbed slowly.Lol,it is just a 180 hp old folk, do not force him too much ,otherwise it fails i will be in trouble. It had to pull up 2535kg(aircraft)+my weight.

Damn hot!!! My body kept sweating////// Eventually, came to training area in datai.After did all my exercises. I flew the aircraft straight and level and took some photos...

Training area datai...>golf resort.

Guess,what is this island?
Thailand tarutao island...

Inflight photo...